Summer School on Blue Growth
in the Euro-Mediterranean Region 2018

Online training: 11-15 June 2018
Classroom face-to-face (FTF): 18-27 June 2018
(18-22 June at EMUNI, Piran and 25-27 at OGS, Trieste)

Application deadline: April 9th, 2018

Application procedure and evaluation criteria

The Summer School is jointly organized by OGS, the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, throughout the Blue Growth Initiative supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) within the framework of the Western Mediterranean Forum (Dialogue 5+5) and the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).

To  apply for the Summer School, candidates must:

  • Have completed undergraduate programme, 
  • Be eligible to study at the postgraduate level
  • Have knowledge of English (level B2 or higher)
  • Have demonstrated an interest in the region and the theme

No discrimination of age: seniority could be an advantage
No discrimination of gender: we guarantee a good gender balance in the selection between males and females 

Participants/target group (number, age, origins)
Participants of the envisaged summer school should be scienitists, managerial and research staff (young experts), mainly coming from EU and Euro-Mediterranean Region. They should have a scientific background related to marine and maritime sectors such as oceanography experts  (physics, chemistry and biology), marine biologists, geologists, geophysics, geochemists, chemists, environmental engineers and other experts working in related fields will be eligible. They should not be necessary high-level professionals but they should be able to demonstrate their ability particularly to assimilate new concepts such as Sustainable Blue Growth.
30 trainees will be identified and selected according to well-defined selection criteria. 


Application form

Under his/her own responsibility, the candidate, in accordance with the D.P.R. 445/2000, must declare the personal and professional information.
An important part of the application is the statement of the motivation (max 4.000 characters to explain the motivation). In addition, the candidate have to submit the following:

  • CV (preferably in the Europass format)
  • Letter of support from your institution (recommended, but not mandatory, especially if you are currently not a student or employed or if it would be difficult for you to obtain one for other reasons).
  • A copy of the passport, ID card or other form of application (mandatory).

Summer School on Blue Growth in the Euro-Mediterranean Region 2018

How are the participants selected?

A Selection Committee composed of OGS and EMUNI experts will select applicants on the basis of their qualifications and merit. A first comparative assessment of applications will be carried out by the Committee, which will evaluate the documented activities, both in terms of research results as well as of managerial expertise, carried out at public and/or private institutions. Experience in fields related to marine and maritime sectors is in any case desirable. Good knowledge of English language is a must. Moreover, attention shall be paid to the applicants’ potential ability to carry out interdisciplinary research and their involvement in cooperation projects among various institutions. Gender equal opportunities will be strongly supported.

Selection board
The Selection Board is appointed by the General Director of OGS and consists of a group of OGS and EMUNI Experts. 

Evaluation criteria
The applications of candidates passing the eligibility criteria will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Area of interest (marine and maritime sectors), 25%
  2. Alignment of current research to Blue Growth vision and strategy, 40%
  3. Alignment of Research Field with Blue Growth, 25% (the applicant does not need to provide details; this will be judged by the evaluation panel)
  4. Reference Letter or and support letter from home institution, 5%
  5. Geographical balance (OGS supports candidates from Euro-Mediterranean Region with particular focus on the Dialogue 5+5 member states), 5%

In cases where applicants have equal scores, gender and geographical balance will be taken into account. Where two candidates are of the same quality, preference is given to the one that is underrepresented in the selected group.
Each criterion will be given a score within the assigned percentages (e.g. 1-30 points within point 1; 1-50 points within point 2; 1-10 points within point 3; 1-10 points within point 4).
At the end of the evaluation process, the examining board will draw up an evaluation report, including the total mark obtained by each candidate and a ranking classification of candidates. The judgement of the Commission is final and irreversible. 

Personal data
In accordance to the art.13 of Italian Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 personal data, provided by candidates in the application form, will be processed for the only purpose of the assignment of the grant and the ensuing relevant procedures. No data for any case will be transmitted to third party.