June 2019 has been a very dense month full of inspiring didactic events! 

OGS (Italy) and EMUNI University (Slovenia) have successfully organized the 2019 edition of the Summer School on Sustainable Blue Economy in Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries. The event took place in Trieste and Piran between June 17th and June 21st attracting 36 young researchers and postgraduate students from all the Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries. It has been an amazing opportunity for them in order to learn and tackle Blue Growth and Blue economy issues in participative and proactive way. 

The Summer School has also been a wonderful way for students and organizers in order to know each other and create long lasting connections between the northern, southern and eastern Mediterranean coasts. Among the activities, the participants had the possibility to visit two of the main marine/coastal natural reserve in Slovenia and get in contact with Vicky Marissen - expert in the field of policy maker engagement and lobbying - at the social dinner event at Hotel Savoia Excelsior in Trieste. A big ‘Thank you’ to all the participants, lecturers and organizers of the event, see you in 2020! In the meantime, have a look at the photo gallery here.

At the same time, the second session of the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth (2nd edition) took place in Trieste between June 17th and June 28th. During the second session, the master jointly organized by OGS and University of Trieste mainly focused on geophysics and biogeochemistry applied to the marine sectors. Moreover, the session included a field trip to Isola della Cona natural reserve and the Shipbuilding Museum in Monfalcone (MuCa). Our Master’s students have also been involved in the social dinner event with Vicky Marissen, having the opportunity to create contact and networking with the participants of the 2019 Summer School and with the Master’s students from the previous edition. In fact, on the same night there has also been the diploma ceremony for those who obtained the Master diploma in the first edition. The students with the highest grade were also invited to provide a presentation of their final project work to the new students and to the summer school participants. The next session of the master will be the last of this edition and will take place in September. The students will have all summer to start thinking about their own final project work. 

The call for applications to the third edition of the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth (2019-2020) will be published at the beginning of August. Stay tuned: keep following us on our social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and subscribe to our newsletter!