Emanuele Lodolo

Marine geophysics, tectonics of transform margins, palaeogeographic reconstructions, geomorfology from swath bathymetry

He works as a senior researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS) in Trieste.
He holds a PhD (2003) from the University of Tel Aviv (Israel) with a thesis entitled: "The Magallanes-Fagnano continental transform fault: A major segment of the South America-Scotia plate boundary". He holds a degree in Geology (1988) at the University of Trieste, defending a thesis entitled "Geophysical study of the Calabrian Arc".
Participated in numerous campaigns of geology and marine geophysics in the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic, the Southern Ocean, including six in Antarctica, on board of various research vessels, and aboard the drillship within the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP Leg 164) for the study of gas hydrates. He has also participated in many field studies in the frame of international research programs.
Chief proponent of scientific programs under the National Research Program in Antarctica, PNRA (Scotia Sea, W-S Pacific, Tierra del Fuego), and international research projects funded by the Italian Foreign Ministry. He is member of the Scientific Commission for Antarctic Research - PNRA, and member of the Coordination of International Ocean Discovery Program Committee, IODP-Italy.
He is tutor of various "PhD" students both Italian or from other countries, and numerous thesis dissertations. Carried out the revision of articles for several international peer-reviewed scientific journals.
He is the author of over 70 articles published in international scientific journals (see SCOPUS and Google Scholar), with h-index = 19, some popular science articles, and articles published in books.