The Advanced Training: Sea governance and blue growth, Balancing sustainable use and conservation through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, is just ended. It has been a great networking and advanced learning opportunity for 18 participants coming from marine/maritime private and public bodies. Participants and lecturers tackled the most recent issues connected to Maritime Spatial Planning and its implementation. Moreover, the agenda of the event comprehended both formal education activities paired with non-formal ones: two entire days were dedicated to field visits and project planning events among participants. The field visits took place at the Aquaculture plants of the Valle Cà Zuliani Company and at the Museum of Fishery of the Trieste Coastline. The participants had the opportunity to learn and experience new and old methods of fish production. We take the chance to thank all the participants, the lecturers, and the hosting institutions and companies!

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