Valentina Crupi

Spatial planning, strategies and policies for sustainable development and urban resilience

Valentina Crupi, architect and Ph.D. in Integrated Planning of Architecture and Civil Engineering (University of Trieste), is teaching assistant in Urbanism at IUAV Venice and in Urban Design and Planning at University of Trieste; here she was also responsible of some didactic seminars (Tactical  2016; Planning for urban resilience 2015) and M.Arch and B. Arch. Thesis Assistant Supervisor. Actually she is involved in many research activities at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Trieste (FRA 2016) at the Department of Design Planning in Complex Environments, IUAV Venice (LIFE Master Adapt). Over the years she has collaborated with different architectural offices in Trieste and Barcelona and she has won some national and international architecture awards (1st prize ex-aequo Sustainable Living, APE FVG, 2017; runner-up Between public and private: new forms of working and living, MHS POLIMI, Milan 2013; 1st prize Towards an urban ecosystem. Visions for a Sustainable City, IED, 2010). Among her recent papers: The “sensitivity” of open space as an analysis-tool for climate-proof project. The case of Trieste, in Planum Publisher, Rome Milan, 2017; Micro-farming for more resilient cities, in Territorio n. 79, 2016; The climate-proof design for the redefinition of the resilient public space, in MONOGRAPH Research, 2015; The Resilient City: from the disciplinary debate to the urban planning practices, in Planum Publisher, Rome Milan, 2014.

University of Trieste