Andrea Cova

Marine geophysical data acquisition and processing

More than 18 years’ experience in hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical surveys fulfilling all main roles from surveyor to Party Chief, from seismic acquisition to geotechnical technician. After graduation I started working for private companies where I covered many times the roles of Multi Beam Echo Sounder data processor, Multi-Channel Seismic data processor, surveyor and party chief within third party activities between 1999 and 2004. I am working at OGS since 2004 where I have been involved many times in service contracts for the industry, particularly in the field of site surveys for laying offshore infrastructure such as communications cables, subsea pipelines, exploration platforms and particularly onboard M/V OGS Explora, the ship with ocean research capacity owned by OGS, and in various research programs, among which 3 summer campaign within the National Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA) in Antarctica and many Morpho Bathymetric expeditions around the world. I have been the Technical Leader of MBES, SBP data processing for OGS within MAGIC project, MArine Geohazards Along the Italian Coasts for Italian PROTEZIONE CIVILE and Responsible for MBES data processing within other research programs. The main roles I have covered at OGS over the years is that of Party Chief and OGS Representative within Third Parties Offshore activities during Morpho-bathymetrc and geophysical surveys. I am also responsible for Bathymetric Survey-Scientific and Positioning instrumentation onboard OGS Explora.