The students of the 1st edition of the Advanced Master in Sustainable Blue Growth discussed their final project work, obtaining the Master diploma.

Congratulations and best wishes for their future careers!


  • Katia Abbad: Taza National Park towards the development of BLUE Tourism

Supervisors: Donata Canu, OGS; Elena Marchigiani, University of Trieste

  • Baya Aissaoui:  The Development of a Ballast Water Risk Assessment Model to manage the bio-invasions (HAOP, NIS) ships’ introductions in the Port of Trieste (The Adriatic Ionian Region)

Supervisor: Prof. Marina Cabrini, OGS; Prof. Cosimo Solidoro, OGS

           Format: Possibilities in research

  • Sihame Amanou: Sustainable Management of Nador Lagoon

Supervisors: Donata Melaku Canu, OGS; Fatima Zahra Hassouni, Maritime Fisheries Department –Morocco.

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Elena Armanino: Cartography for Sustainable Blue Growth: The case of the Gulf of Trieste

           Supervisors: Angelo Camerlenghi, OGS; Martina Busetti, OGS; Stefano Salon, OGS

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Sofiene Atrous: MPAs Management Structure in Northern African countries

Supervisors: Filali Tahar, National Centre for Research and Development in Fisheries and Aquaculture.

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Fatiha Ayed Ben Romdhane: Contribution to the definition of the socio-economic profiles of the artisanal fishermen in a context of Blue Growth. Case of study the Northern Tunis lagoon.

Supervisors: Dr. Simone Libralato, OGS; Eng.Houssam HAMZA, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Leila Bordbar: Interactive effects of ocean acidification and heavy metal pollutions on MTs gene expression in sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus), and its effects on economy and society

Supervisors: Alberto Pallavicini, University of Trieste; Evangelia Strogyloudi, Institute of Oceanography Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) Anavissos, Greece

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Esam Buzaid: Minerals of sediments, rocks and shells of some coastal locations at Cyrenaica, Libya

Supervisors: Stefano Covelli, University of Trieste; Hamad M.A. Hasan, Omar Almukhtar University - Albayda, Libya

           Format: final report

  • Mariano Dara: Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) and biofouling: impact, issues and mitigation

Supervisors: Marina Cabrini, OGS; Gianluigi Gallenti, University of Trieste

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Nessim Douss: Reconstruction of past climate changes and ocean circulation in the depositional record of polar sediment drifts. Case studies: Western Svalbard (Arctic) and Ross Sea (Antarctica).

 Supervisors: Dr. Renata Giulia Lucchi, OGS;  Dr. Michele Rebesco, OGS

           Format: Possibilities in research

  • Khalid El Khalidi: Environmental, social and economic impact of coastal population growth in the Nador Lagoon (NE Morocco).

Tutors: Stefano Covelli, University of Trieste; Mounir Hakkou, University Mohamed-V Rabat, Morocco

 Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Doaa Hussein: The economic and social effects of lighting development in the field of fishing on the productivity of fish wealth in Gaza Strip

Supervisors: Dr. Simone Libralato, OGS; Dr. Mohammed El Raee, Earth & Humane Centre for Researches and Studies, Gaza Strip, Palestine

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Antonietta Izzo: The geoportal of the sea system - Analysis of current Legislative instruments and study for the construction of an Integrated Interdisciplinary Information System for an Italian SBG Strategy.

Supervisors: Arch.Prof. Elena Marchigiani, University of Trieste; Arch. Prof. Roberto Bobbio (University of Genoa)

           Format: Final report

  • Giulia Massolino: Public engagement on the impacts of sea level changes: an escape game design as a contribution to ocean literacy

           Supervisors: Dr. Francesca Malfatti, OGS; Dr. Florence Colleoni, OGS

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank

  • Nezha Mejjad: Environmental quality & sustainable growth of marine resources of the Oualidia Lagoon (Morocco).

           Supervisors: Prof. Stefano Covelli, University of Trieste; Dr. Abdelmourhit Laissaoui National Centre for Energy, Nuclear Science and Technology, CNESTEN, Rabat – Morocco.

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think Tank

  • Nicoletta Pastore: A scientific Tourism Bureau in Trieste - Proposal for an integrated system

           Supervisors: Francesca Malfatti, OGS; Maurizio Caradonna, Area Science Park

           Format: Final report

  • Ana Bianca Pavel: Ecopath with Ecosim ecosystem model, a potential application for evaluation the complexity of the Razelm Sinoe lagoon system, Danube Delta, in term of blue growth Sustainability.

Supervisors: Libralato Simone, OGS; Vasiliu Dan, NIRD GeoEcoMar

           Format: Opportunities in research

  • Alessia Rossi: A sustainable plastic value chain: “Il Po d’AMare” case-study within the Sustainable Blue Growth circular economy

Supervisors: Dr. Francesca Malfatti, OGS; Dr. Lorenzo Barone, Castalia SCpA

Format: Final report

  • Amal Salhi: Impact of climate change on sustainable tourism; A study to determine Tourism Climate Index using a Regional Climate Model and climate change vulnerability

Supervisors: Prof.Filippo Giorgi, ICTP; Prof.Cosmo Solidoro, OGS

Format: Final report

  • Alessandro Scianca: Embarking on the path toward blue economy through ocean literacy.

           Supervisors: Alessandro Crise, OGS; Francesca Santoro, IOC-UNESCO

           Format: Final report

  • Alberto Viola:  Strengthening knowledge through data rescue. The benefits of vintage seismic data perspective of sustainable development.

           Supervisor: Paolo Diviacco, OGS; Mihai Burca, OGS

           Format: Sustainable Blue Growth Think-tank