Vincenzo Armenio

Computational fluid dynamics, LES, turbulence, environmental and industrial fluid mechanics

Massimo Avian

Human Evolution, Systematic Vertebrates, Systematic Zoology, Evolutionary Biology

Stanislao Bevilacqua

Marine Ecology, biodiversity and conservation, benthic communities

Carla Braitenberg

Geophysical geodesy, Remote sensing, Relative crust-sea level change

Maurizio Brocchini

Coastal engineering, flow mixing, nearshore hydro-morphodynamics

Martina Busetti

Geology, marine geophysics, seismic interpretation

Marina Cabrini

Ecology, physiology and biodiversity of microalgae

Silvia Ceramicola

Submarine geomorphology, marine geohazards, marine geology, geophysics, Mediterranean sea

Giorgio Contento

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Andrea Cova

Marine geophysical data acquisition and processing

Stefano Covelli

Geochemistry, biogeochemistry in coastal evironments and mercury as a global pollutant

Alessandro Crise

Physical oceanography, operational oceanography and observing systems

Valentina Crupi

Spatial planning, strategies and policies for sustainable development and urban resilience

Paolo Diviacco

Geophysics, data and knowledge management, collaborative system

Lorenzo Facchin

offshore and inshore geophysics

Annalisa Falace

Marine biologiy, macroalgae taxonomy and ecology

Riccardo Farneti

Physical oceanographer, role of the oceans in climate variability and change

Emanuele Forte

Applied geophysics, geology, archaeology, environmental problems, engineering and glaciology

Stefano Furlani

Coastal geomorphology, sea level change, weathering and erosion processes

Miroslav Gacic

Physical Oceanography, Long-term and Climatic Variability, Ocean Circulation and Climate

Riccardo Geletti

Geophysics - Processing and interpretation of seismic data

Mounir Ghribi

Science Diplomacy, international cooperation and sustainable development

Michele Giani

Marine Biogeochemistry and Chemical Oceanography

Lorenzo Giasanti

Employment, Labour Law and Industrial relations

Piero Giulianini

Zoology, animal ecophysiology, crustacean endocrinology

Tullio Gregori

Environmental economics

Alberto Guadagnini

Groundwater Hydraulics, Hydrogeology and Oil & Gas

Roberto Inghilesi

Geophysics, environmental emergencies and crisis

Alessandro Leto

Geopolitics of Natural Resources with a focus on Water and its related issues

Simone Libralato

Marine Ecology

Marina Lipizer

Ecology, biogeochemistry, marine European legislation

Emanuele Lodolo

Marine geophysics, tectonics of transform margins, palaeogeographic reconstructions, geomorfology from swath bathymetry

Renata Giulia Lucchi

Marine sedimentology and geology, continental margin dynamics and palaeoclimatic reconstructions in polar areas

Francesca Malfatti

Marine carbon biogeochemist, microscale ecology, ecosystem functioning

Elena Marchigiani

Spatial Planning, Strategies and policies for sustainable development, urban regeneration and landscape enhancement

Donata Melaku Canu

Marine ecology, coastal and marine ecosystems models

Diego Micheli

Mechanical Engineering and Fluid Machines

Renzo Mosetti

Physical oceanography, geophisical fluid dynamics, data analysis and modelling

Michele Mossa

Maritime and environmental hydraulics

Roberta Nunin

Labour Law

Alberto Pallavicini

Comparative and applied genomics

Michele Pipan

Acquisition, processing, inversion and interpretation of geophysical data

Mauro Reini

Exergy analysis and exergy-based cost accounting, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

Stefano Salon

Operational oceanography

Cosimo Solidoro

Marine ecology, ecosystem modelling, data analysis

Rodolfo Taccani

Power plants and Industrial Processes Simulation

Antonio Terlizzi

Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Vittorio Torbianelli

Maritime and port economics and management

Fabrizio Zgur

Marine Geophysics data acquisition and processing

Jacopo Zotti

International trade, economic development, economic integration, resource and environmental economics