This initiative is a hub of knowledge and expertise on blue economy for sustainable and responsible growth available to Mediterranean countries within the framework of the Italian contribution to the western Mediterranean dialogue (Dialogue 5+5).  

One of the biggest global challenges, considered strategic on the world stage, is research and use of the marine environment in a sustainable and responsible manner. Italy, as a member of and candidate for the presidency of the forum for higher education, research and innovation for 2017-19, has proposed two major initiatives: a COST Action coordinated and held by OGS Trieste and the Sustainable Blue Growth project endorsed by MIUR and organized by OGS.

The OGS initiative on sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors, coordinated by Italy to support Higher education, innovation and international mobility with the objectives of job creation and growth of products and services offered by the italian industry to it's partner countries in the marine sector, stands in high regards with the 5+5 member countries.

The scope of this program is the improvement of competences in the marine and maritime sectors through higher education, international mobility and the promotion of italian research and technology so as to have a greater socio-economical impact within the Dialogue 5+5 countries and all Mediterranean countries.

OGS recognizes the importance of the sea as a motor having a huge potential for innovation and growth for the economy of countries like Italy. OGS developed an articulated and integrated program with the aim of creating a hub of higher education, innovation and mobility for an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth benefiting the Mediterranean countries, in particular those members of the Dialogue 5+5.  

This multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral initiative touches many economic areas: Aquaculture and fishing, blue biotechnologies, maritime and coastal tourism, mineral extraction from the sea bed, renewable energies, transport, offshore oil and gas, underwater archeology, land-sea interaction ecc